Trainings for Real Estate and Appraisal Professionals

Illinois Home Performance is sponsoring a 2-day training that will focus on selling energy-efficient homes.  The first day will focus on distinguishing characteristics that make a home energy efficient.  The course looks at why consumer demand for these homes is increasing and how both the homes and consumer expectations impact the market.  The course prepares real estate professionals to provide advice and sources of information to help homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes from low-cost fixes and DIY projects to retrofitting and replacing systems to big-budget remodeling projects   The course also looks at constructing a new, energy-efficient home and the value that real estate professionals can bring to the design and build team.  The second day of the course focuses on applying the knowledge of energy-efficient, smart and certified homes gained in the preceding course and adapting core real estate skills to build business success in the niche market for resource-efficient homes.  To register and for more information, click here

Dates: April 17th and 18th, 2017

Location: Chicago, IL

Cost:  $65/members; $85/non-members


Illinois Home Performance is sponsoring a 2-day “green” course through the Appraisal Institute.  This course is being taught by nationally recognized instructor Sandy Adomatis.  Day 1 of the course is an introduction to green homes, where Sandy will discuss core principles and concepts, the evolution of green homes, and the practices and components that distinguish sustainable from conventional homes.  Day 2 of the course introduces students to valuation methods for appraising high-performance homes.  Participants will learn the appraisal procedures for valuing green residential properties to assist in supporting an opinion of value.  The course will focus on the valuation process in different appraisal problems encountered in appraising green properties.  

Dates: May 11th and 12th, 2017

Location: Bloomington,

Cost: $50/day

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