Become a Participating Contractor

Only IHP Participating Contractors have access to IHP-specific homeowner rebates, the national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® logo, and the IHP homeowner Certificate of Completion. Contractors considering enrolling in IHP are encouraged to first read the IHP Contractor Participation Agreement in order to fully understand program requirements. Three types of companies may apply: Companies that provide energy audits, companies that perform home energy upgrade contracting work, and those that provide both services.

All IHP Participating Contractors must possess Building Analyst and Envelope Professional Certifications from the Building Performance Institute (BPI). These certifications represent a high industry standard for energy retrofit work and ensure that our contractors are able to take a whole-home approach to diagnostic energy assessments and building envelope tightening.

IHP represents a partnership between many residential efficiency programs around the state. For this reason, all IHP Participating Contractors must also be enrolled in (and in good standing with) one of these partner programs. While IHP issues Certificates of Completion and manages the use of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR logo, our partners provide rebates and incentives to homeowners, quality assurance file review and field inspections, and other important program features.

Contractors already participating in  Nicor Gas and ComEd's programs, and/or Peoples Gas/North Shore Gas' programs: Enrolling in IHP does not require all of the documentation listed below. Call 1-866-395-1032 ext. 2 to learn how you can enroll in IHP.

Contractors serving other areas in Illinois: Please call 1-866-395-1032 ext. 2 for more information.

To have an IHP representative contact you or to indicate your interest in becoming a Participating Contractor, fill out our Contractor Information Form. To stay up to date with IHP, sign up for our monthly newsletter.



Required for enrollment (see above for exceptions):

1. Signed Contractor Participation Agreement  form (Click to download).

2. One of the following:

  1. Participating Contractor consents to their Program Provider sharing the results of up to three quality assurance inspections with Illinois Home Performance personnel, OR:
  2. Documentation of company’s experience performing either home energy assessments (audits) or home energy upgrades (retrofits), as specified below:

​a. Companies who perform assessments, not upgrades, must provide three actual home energy assessment homeowner reports;

b. Companies who perform upgrades, not assessments, must provide three actual home energy upgrade homeowner work orders;

c. Single-service home performance companies must provide both.

3. Any three of the following business references:

a. A satisfactory banking reference in the form of a letter from your primary bank, signed and dated within one year

b. Two satisfactory professional/trade references in the form of letters from suppliers of materials, tools, or credit, signed and dated within one year

c. Confirmation that the firm has been in the same business for at least three years

d. A Better Business Bureau rating above C+

e. Confirmation that the principals have a net worth of at least $50,000, verified by an audited financial statement or the last two year’s tax returns.

4. Proof of BPI Building Analyst and BPI Envelope certifications for each individual employed by the Participating Contractor who will be:

a. Performing IHP home energy assessments (energy audits) and/or

b. Acting as the lead contractor on the team performing home energy upgrades (retrofits) through the Program

5. Certificate of Liability Insurance (ACORD 25) showing:

a. General Liability Insurance for at least $1,000,000
b. Workers Compensation Insurance following Illinois State Law (click here for more information)
6. Copy of a valid business license from any Illinois municipality. 
NOTE: These are the base-level requirements; local Illinois Home Performance Program Providers may require an additional agreement and/or more stringent requirements.

Questions? Contact us via email or phone (866-395-1032 ext. 2).